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FlowMSP’s Water App is designed for water and fire departments to manage and map water assets, perform and track maintenance records, and conduct hydrant flushing and testing in the field.

Asset Management

FlowMSP Water is a user-friendly water department program that revolutionizes how water and fire departments manage data. With our app, easily create, update, and share water asset and maintenance records as well as conduct two-hydrant testing with automated GPM calculators. Effortlessly locate hydrants, water mains, curb stop valves, shutoff points, and water towers using GPS coordinates, saving time and improving maintenance efficiency. Experience the power of FlowMSP Water and streamline your water operations.


The most user friendly water department program

Hydrant Management Program

Hydrant management makes sense.

Water Hydrant Testing

Easy Hydrant Testing


Calibrating Your Hydraulic Model

ISO Improvements

40% of your ISO score is impacted by Water Supply performance. FlowMSP’s Water App maximizes your scoring potential by taking advantage of these powerful features:

  • Hydrant Inspections: Easily log and timestamp yearly inspections and flow tests, ensuring comprehensive records for ISO compliance.
  • Fire-Flow Testing: Conduct accurate and efficient flow tests using our app’s built-in tools. Calculate and log flow rates from a two-hydrant test, automating the process and saving valuable time.
  • Hydrant Marking: Maintain a robust hydrant marking program in alignment with NFPA 291 or AWWA manual M17 standards.
  • Hydrant Size, Type, and Installation: Log detailed information for each hydrant, contributing to your Water Supply score and providing a clear picture of your infrastructure and aiding in future planning.
  • Hydrant Distribution: Optimize your hydrant distribution by utilizing FlowMSP’s Fire app. The Fire app selects the most suitable hydrants based on flow rates and proximity to buildings, enhancing your overall performance.

By leveraging FlowMSP’s water asset management app, you can streamline your ISO evaluation readiness and maximize your PPC rating.

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Data Sharing

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