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FlowMSP is an industry-leading pre-incident planning software platform for the fire service. Our goal is, and always will be, to innovate new ways for the fire service to collect, and use, critical building and response information.

Pre Incident Planning Software to replace the binders and give firefighters their time back.

Information Fire Deparments Need.

At the Speed They Need It.

On a hot July day in Illinois, FlowMSP co-founder Jason Marvel spent the afternoon with Chief Gary Bird of the Streator Fire Department.  One of the Chief’s duties is to pre-plan strategic community assets and on that day Chief Bird had set aside 2 hours to pre-plan the Public Library.

During the pre-planning process, Chief Bird used a measuring wheel to determine an approximate square footage for the structure and to determine the distance to the three nearest hydrants. The Chief finished his information gathering with a few digital photos and some notes in a notebook.

After finishing the manual data gathering process, Chief Bird and Jason arrived back in his office  where Chief Bird  transcribed the pre-planning information he had just gathered into his Records Management System.  

Having watched this tedious process, Jason’s question to Chief was: 

“If this data is so important, then how does your records management system deliver the information back to you during an incident?”  

In response, Chief Bird simply pointed to a large paper binder sitting on his desk.

FlowMSP was born.

It’s clear that firefighters are damn good at being firefighters. There’s nothing quite like the experience and intuition of a veteran firefighter when they look at working fire. Like magic, they just know where the fire is, what it’s doing, and how to get in front of it.

What they may not know is all the critical details about this structure. That it was recently renovated to an open-web wood truss that is exposed, or there is a sub-divided basement that extends under the structure next door. 

These are the small details that injure and kill firefighters.

Keeping track of all these characteristics, and being able to pull them out of a database in seconds isn’t a veteran firefighter problem, it’s a data problem. And the reality is, if the information is stored ahead of time, and can be accessed that quickly, than firefighters can put their mental energy into the critical task at hand of managing fire conditions. 

With better information on hand, firefighters can make well-informed tactical decisions. They can proactively plan their response instead of simply reacting to the conditions.

The problem with all of this was clear from the outset: how can we get the pre incident planning process down to five minutes or less, and how can we streamline the process so a company officer can realistically read a preplan while getting dressed, using the radio, running the sirens and making sure their crew and chauffeur are on target?

We built a product and app that addresses those specific concerns and only those concerns. We exist to get critical information in the hands of firefighters. That’s it, and that’s all we care about. 

We offer the industry’s fastest pre-incident planning process (watch one of our firefighter staff create a detailed pre-incident plan, on camera, in less than five minutes), and we’ve engineered a method of getting that pre-incident plan to each and every firefighter the moment the tones drop. No searching for plans, no thumbing through binders. 

We also took preplan availability to a whole new level by making your preplans accessible to every firefighter in your department, at any time, from any place. 

“Data upkeep and integrity have become more of a priority for us lately, which is hard because of our size and scope as a department. Flow allows us to have tons of data in the field from FDC locations to distance to closest hydrants. As a result of how easy and fast it is to use, we have created thousands of pre-plans from scratch, all in our first few months of use.”
Deputy Chief Erik Kramer
Addison Fire Protection Dist.

Getting started with FlowMSP is easy, mainly because we believe that firefighters know a good thing when they see it, and we also happen to believe that firefighters have better things to do than listen to high-pressure sales pitches. 

So, fill out the short form on the next page and a representative will be in touch with you at your convenience. We’ll walk you through the platform, answer your questions and offer you a free demonstration. We will also discuss getting you into a free trial through a variety of test-platforms we offer. 

If you decide FlowMSP isn’t what your department needs or wants, you tell us that and we part ways amicably. That’s it. We are here to serve you. 

Firefighter safety is worth it.

“We purchased Flow with the idea of improving our ISO score. We have found the product offers even more. FlowMSP has fast and easy access pre-plan information in the field, and the ability to share and view pre-plans from other departments in the area. We have tried other products in the past, but FlowMSP is the easiest to learn, the fastest to use, and the most impactful in the field.”
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Chief Mike Hansen
Lincolnwood Fire Dept.

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Our Team

Jason Marvel


Jason is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flow. His past experience working with multiple startup companies and deep experience as a sales leader in many software companies affords him the strategic vision necessary to lead FlowMSP into its next phase of growth. Jason is responsible for developing our sales and implementation plans, executing on Flow’s vision, and is currently working directly with our Board of Directors to build out a fruitful customer success strategy to enhance usage and retention. Jason’s commitment to data driven decision making, building long lasting customer relationships, and determination to build a product that keeps firefighters safe and effective makes him the right leader for the job.

Prior to Flow, Jason lead large sales divisions for companies like LexisNexis and Choicepoint. He received his Bachelor of Science from Bradley University and has an MBA from Loyola University.

Sean Chaudhari


Sean worked as a Strategy & Business Development Analyst at Fortune Brands Home & Security, a consumer home products company in Deerfield, IL. While there, he assisted in evaluating organic and inorganic growth opportunities through market research, data analytics, and business case modeling. He began his career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Raymond James in the Financial Institutions Group where he advised clients on a number of M&A transactions and equity offerings across the various sub-sectors. Sean received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Northwestern University. Outside of the office, you can find him playing pick-up basketball, running along the lakefront, or traveling to new countries.
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