"Without a pre-plan, the chief will be forced to make critical life-and-death decisions based on guesswork and that can prove disastrous"

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

Smart Pre-Incident Planning and Response Software

100% Pre-Incident Plans
0% Traditional Obstacles

You already know that pre-incident planning means potentially lifesaving information at incidents.

We've just removed every obstacle standing in your way.


Fully completed pre-incident plans are a goldmine of priceless information for firefighters and incident commanders. Building construction, special hazards, occupancies, building location, required fire flow, nearest hydrants.. the list is almost endless.

Despite the enormous advantages of having this information, fire departments routinely struggle with issues such as allocating enough manpower hours to properly complete the plans, where to store the plans once completed, how to align existing plans with new software, and accessing those plans in a fast enough manner to make the information useful.

Because of this, pre-incident plans are either incomplete, rarely used or never created in the first place.

Without detailed pre-incident plans incident commanders and company officers are forced to commit to tactical plans based only on what they can see and assume. 

It Is Time to Re-Invent Pre-Incident Planning

The Path To Pre-Incident Planning Success With FlowMSP

Eliminate Time Obstacles

We will reduce needed pre-incident planning time by 90%, meaning your firefighters have to spend far less time planning, and will be able to create exponentially more plans in that time.

Or take advantage of our automatic planning feature where we create a basic pre-incident plan for your entire jurisdiction.

Read about automatic planning here...

Leverage Existing Data
You've already created plans for certain structures, or have notebooks full of existing information. Maybe your fire prevention bureau is proactive in collecting inspection information. Why not bring all that information with you? We are a data integration clearinghouse.

Read about data integration here...

Put Your Plans To Use At The Moment They're Needed
Firefighters get frustrated when the plans they spent time making do not get used. Or, firefighters waste time searching for something that is on a plan, but that plan is in a binder on a desk.

The incident response process starts as soon as the dispatch comes over. Why not access your plans seconds later and begin proactively mitigating the incident before arriving on scene?

Discover CAD message integration here...
"Signing with FlowMSP has taken the pain out of pre-planning. The information collected used to take us hours to complete and could not be easily shared with our first in and command. Flow allows our guys to collect important building data in minutes and share that info across the entire department as well as our mutual aid departments."
Chief Dan LaFata
Mehlville Fire Protection District

We Work Where You Work

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And How You Work

Cost Effective - Simple to Use - No Software to Install - Accessible From Anywhere
"Having FlowMSP makes it easy to get critical information while en route to incidents, which means we will be able to make smarter and safer decisions. Flow is simple to use and affordable, which made the decision to implement their solution easy."
pre incident planning customer Ithasca-wood dale fire dept patch
Chief James Burke
Ithasca/Wood Dale Fire Protection District

Detailed Pre-Incident Plans Mean Well-Informed and Confident Command Decisions

Your firefighters, and the public you serve, trust you to make the best decisions possible. So make those decisions with the best supporting information available.

At FlowMSP, we've poured our sweat and tears into developing a product that eliminates the time demand of traditional planning, allows for instant access of plans, and combines every design option available to bring the most critical information to the decision-makers in the least steps possible.

'Having All the Answers' Begins Today

We are always updating our platform and striving for solutions to help fire departments realize their pre-incident planning goals.

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