Pre-Plan in Minutes. Access in Seconds.

FlowMSP works across your devices and distributes critical size-up information via dispatch notifications.

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Annotated image-based

See the property and develop an attack plan before you arrive.

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Mapping/routing and
dispatch notifications

Access pre-plans at the time of an incident.

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Share pre-plans with
mutual aid departments

Access information even if the property is outside your district.

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Import existing
property data

Utilize your current RMS data to prepopulate pre-plans.

In Action

Watch a firefighter create a pre-plan in 5 minutes.

  • No binders
  • No measuring-wheels
  • No clipboards
  • No digital cameras

Accessible Pre-Plans for All

FlowMSP is trusted nationwide by departments of all sizes.
Chiefs, officers, firefighters, and other field personnel enjoy the convenience and power of FlowMSP’s platform.

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Looking for fire department pre plan software for smartphones, iPads or mobile data terminals? We can cover them all.

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