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Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Have others? Want to talk through it? Give us a shout!

Who puts the data into the platform?

We separate this into four parts: dispatch, users, hydrants and structures.


Typically, the only thing we need from a new customer to configure their dispatch feed is the name and number for a good point of contact at their dispatch center. From there, our implementation specialists will coordinate with the center to begin receiving CAD messages, creating the parser to interpret them, and funneling them into your FlowMSP instance. Our dispatch feature provides you with turn-by-turn directions and one-click access to pre-plans.


During implementation, our specialist will request a roster of all the personnel that need accounts. Typically, this roster is composed of first name, last name and email address. With the department’s approval, we will send each individual a welcome email with their username and temporary password. Account administrators also have the ability to add users manually.


Each department is unique. Typically, hydrant data is maintained by the local water utility and may be available upon request. If possible, we will make these requests on behalf of the fire department to ensure the data is usable. Some departments have hydrant data readily available, which we will review during implementation.

Once the data is sourced, we handle the upload and check all the hydrants that appear on your map.


Auto-Planning Feature: Departments that are looking for a jump start on their pre-planning can take advantage of our auto-planning feature. This feature creates basic plans for commercial structures based on location and Records Management System data, such as Firehouse©, Emergency Reporting©, Image Trend©, etc. (Additional information below)

Clean Slate Approach: Some departments prefer to start with a clean slate and manually pre-plan all their structures from scratch. Our pre-planning tools enable departments to pre-plan structures in less than five minutes start to finish.

Auto-Planning Feature

FlowMSP is the first, and only, pre-incident planning platform that offers the capability to create basic auto-plans for most commercial structures in a jurisdiction. To create these plans, we leverage a proprietary combination of image recognition, address databases, structure databases and algorithmic computing.

What Do These Plans Contain?

Each structure we plan contains the following:

  • Structure address
  • Square footage
  • Required fire flow (National Fire Academy formula)
  • Automatic link to the nearest hydrants to exceed required fire flow

These plans are placed into the platform, directly over the real-world location of the structure (within satellite maps). In other words, FlowMSP creates a plan that automatically assigns the structure location and address and does the necessary calculations to automatically select the nearest hydrants (and these hydrants are highlighted in the platform.)

What is Your Data Security Like?

All of our servers, pipelines, and portals operate under Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which is an internet encryption standard that is universal across the net. This is the same encryption standard present in online banking and web stores.

What Happens if I Lose Connectivity/Service?

The moment a user accesses a pre-incident plan on WiFi or cellular data, that plan is automatically cached to the device that accessed it. As long as the device stays powered up, and the browser/app stays open, the information will remain available. Even with zero service.

How Much Does This Cost?

How do you price your product?

We use an internally developed algorithm based on a number of factors including department size/type and district size/type to calculate our licensing fee. This is an annual fee with no limit on the number of users/devices or the amount of content you upload into the system.

Is this an annual license fee?

Yes. FlowMSP charges an annual fee payable by check or credit card. Departments can also choose to be automatically billed on a monthly basis.

What is included in the annual license fee?

We do not charge for add-ons – our license fee covers all the benefits and functionalities of the system, which include:

  • Cloud-based access to your pre-plans anytime, anywhere
  • Access to the Flow web platform and Flow mobile app
  • Automated dispatch alerts with mapping and routing when dispatched
  • One-click access to pre-plans
  • Ongoing version upgrades
  • Department-specific training and strategy sessions
  • Direct access to our customer engagement team who can provide immediate support and answer any questions you have about using FlowMSP

What is the price per user? Per device?

Your annual licensing fee gives every member of your department access to the mobile app and web platform. There is never a “per device” charge. All access, all the time.

Are there any hidden charges/upcharges?

No. Our flat annual fee stays the same no matter how much information you upload into the system or how many users you add. The price we quote is the ONLY price you will pay.

Product Usage & Personnel Buy-In

How do you help us get up-to-speed on the platform?

We know that every department is different. During onboarding, our implementation team will discuss specific use cases and strategies with your account administrator to see how FlowMSP can best serve your needs. We also offer a detailed training session with your entire roster to ensure they are comfortable using the system. After onboarding, you will have access to our team and other online resources for continued platform support.

What if I want to add someone to my platform?

Your department Admin can add/delete users as needed.

Can everyone use it?

Yes. FlowMSP gives everyone on your roster access to the mobile app and web platform at the access level you set — anytime, anywhere.

How is FlowMSP received by department personnel?

Most of our customers are surprised at how well FlowMSP is accepted by their firefighters. Once individuals understand how easy the application is to use and how valuable the information is, we see strong adoption throughout the department.

What is Implementation Like?

Most of our customers prefer to have our implementation specialists manage the process for them. Others prefer to tackle the implementation process themselves, especially during their trial period.

What does implementation managed by the FlowMSP team include?

Our goal is to get all of your data uploaded quickly with minimal work required from your department. We normally receive all of the necessary information during your onboarding call, and we work with you to create a strategic plan to use our software effectively and schedule training sessions. After the onboarding call, our team gets to work:

  • Electronic Roster Upload and Account Creation
  • Electronic Hydrant File Upload
  • Dispatch Feed from CAD
  • Commercial Auto-Trace