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The FlowMSP Water app is a user-friendly water department program designed to work where you are – in the field. Water departments looking for a simple mobile program to manage their assets will benefit from this resource. With FlowMSP Water, you can easily create, update, and share water asset and maintenance records.

FlowMSP Water accomplishes 4 key things:

  1. Modernization without complexity
  2. Tools available to meet you where you work
  3. A price easily within reach
  4. A trusted municipal software solution

It’s Time For A Simple Digital Solution

As the average age of water department employees shifts to Generation X or younger, personnel increasingly expect and benefit from digital tools. In response, water departments need to think about turning historically manual records and processes into digital versions.

As the older generation transitions records to younger personnel, information that previously lived in a file cabinet or someone’s memory needs to be shared. How can new employees find all the assets once those who are “in the know” retire? The information must live in a shared database that everyone can efficiently use. To accomplish this, we built FlowMSP Water. 

While most people can comfortably use a cell phone or iPad now, complex mapping programs often leave field personnel scratching their heads. This can create a bottleneck in the workflow as only highly tech-savvy personnel can do the work. To distribute the work efficiently, departments need a very simple and user-friendly solution.

User-Friendly Program For All – Big And Small

Whether your water department is large or small, this user-friendly water program will equip you for success. When a program is simple enough for all personnel to use it, guess what? They do. In our experience, keeping things simple leads to department-wide adoption of new technology.

Through our work with fire departments in over 30 states, FlowMSP has learned that municipal departments see greater success when they share information instead of keeping it in silos. Instead of having one person who acts as the gatekeeper for all information, FlowMSP Water allows you to extend that knowledge to the whole department.

Stop Hunting For Your Water Assets

User-Friendly Water Program

FlowMSP Water allows water departments to indicate locations and detailed information for several key types of assets:

Using GPS coordinates, FlowMSP provides a user-friendly way to log the location of each asset from the field and share it with everyone in the department. As a result, everyone can easily locate the assets as needed. This saves time while performing maintenance because personnel can use the app to pinpoint the location of each asset in the field.

In addition, this water program uses Google Maps to provide turn-by-turn directions to each hydrant location. This helps when a maintenance worker has a list of hydrants to visit. With the FlowMSP app, they can easily find their way to each hydrant on the list.

Easily Share Your Data

Whether you’re coordinating with the fire department or another municipal department, stop wasting time and energy on phone tag and file sharing. With unlimited users, everyone you want to see your water asset data can review it anytime, anywhere. This means everyone can be working off of the most updated information.

Similarly, if the fire department is also a FlowMSP customer, records can easily be updated cross-platform. As a result, they don’t have to ask you for flow rates on hydrants. When you complete flow testing or maintenance and update your records, FlowMSP can update them in your partner’s account as well.

Easily Update Your Data

With the FlowMSP mobile app, your personnel can easily update water asset records in the field. Because the information lives in the cloud, any update is immediately available to all users. No need to re-share files or swap out papers in binders. Everyone stays up-to-date.

Add your data in layers as you perform different tasks. For example, you can map hydrant locations one day. Then, the next day you can update those hydrant records and add flow rates. The following day, you could add the last date of service. Complete the most urgent tasks first, then add less time-sensitive updates later.

Track Maintenance Activities

The FlowMSP water app provides a simple way to track maintenance activities. With this app, you can:

Share the Work

Because FlowMSP is such a user-friendly water program, you can easily train everyone at the department to use it. With all personnel equipped to create and update records, you can share the work and get it done faster. Deploy your field personnel or summer helpers for data collection and reach your goals.

In addition, you may partner with the fire department for data collection. For instance, some fire departments will paint hydrants or conduct flow testing. If the fire department inputs data into the FlowMSP app, the water department can access it as well. This avoids double data entry and makes for a more efficient system.

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