High Hazard Dispatch Notifications for Dangerous Buildings

By: Joylyn Ortiz


Firefighters will receive high hazard dispatch notifications for dangerous buildings with the newest update to FlowMSP. Because first responders have only seconds to glance at CAD notes before beginning response, we built a High Hazard notification system to quickly alert responders to danger.

Noting High Hazards

Every FlowMSP pre-plan now allows you to note high hazards. Use the High Hazard toggle switch when editing location data to indicate a high hazard location. When turned on, a High Hazard notification will appear in your FlowMSP dispatch notification for that structure.

Mobile App

High hazard dispatch notification for firefighters

Web App

On the FlowMSP web app, high hazard notes appear with location information.

High Hazard Dispatch Notifications

Type High Hazard Notes

Mobile App

High Hazard notes

When you create or edit a pre-plan, the High Hazard field in the FlowMSP mobile app gives you a place to type a short description.

Type whatever you want to appear for your first responders.

For example, include important information such as gate codes, chemicals, hoarder situation, or dangerous roof conditions.

Web App

When editing Location information on the web app, check the High Hazard Box.

Then, you may type a High Hazard Description which will appear with location information in your pre-plan.

Instantly Access High Hazard Notes

Mobile App

High hazard dispatch notification notes

Any high hazard notes will appear in the FlowMSP mobile app incident response screen.

Simply tap a high hazard dispatch notification to pull up this screen during incident response.

Quickly glance at the high hazard notes while en route to the incident, and arrive prepared.

From here, you can also access the full pre-plan for the structure. Tap “view pre-plan” for annotated photos, building details, and more.

Get High Hazard Dispatch Notifications

Current FlowMSP customers can get high hazard dispatch notifications by editing their current pre-plans. Using the FlowMSP Dashboard, find the dangerous buildings in your district and assign the addresses to personnel to update. They must use the FlowMSP Mobile App to turn the High Hazard toggle switch on and type high hazard notes.

New customers can target high hazard locations when creating pre-plans, making sure to turn on the High Hazard toggle switch and add relevant notes as they go.

Other FlowMSP Operations Tools

Because FlowMSP aims to help firefighters respond smart, we continue to expand our suite of operations tools. In addition to FlowMSP’s easy NFPA 1620 pre-plan creations tools, you get:

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