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You already know that good pre-plans increase situational awareness, which protects field personnel from hazards. However, having pre-incident plans in a digital format tied directly to your dispatch changes things. It equips field personnel with instant on-scene pre-incident plan availability.

When incident commanders and company officers can access pre-plans with the touch of a button instead of flipping through a binder of papers, pre-plans become truly useful. Because personnel have such easy access, the information makes a difference every day.

The Problem With Paper

Paper pre-plans are not easily accessible to field personnel during incident response. No one has time to flip through a 3-ring binder on a call. As a result, while the pre-plan itself has value, that value diminishes when no one ever has time to look at it.

When lives are at stake, first responders need the best information, to make the best decisions, fast. Digital tools such as FlowMSP put lifesaving pre-plan information into the incident commander’s hands on every call. In addition, everyone on the roster can access the plans.

On-Scene Pre-Plans

On-Scene Pre-Incident Plan Accessibility

The Digital Difference

Today, technology makes on-scene pre-incident plans available for all field personnel. Because the Internet makes data sharing so easy, each person instantly receives pre-plans on his or her own device. As a result, field personnel gain all the benefits on-scene pre-plans offer.

Any update to a pre-plan immediately updates it for everyone. This means everyone on the roster has the most up-to-date information at all times. Better information increases the likelihood that the pre-incident plans will be used during an incident.

This changes the way firefighters think about pre-incident plans. What used to be “pushing paper,” tedious work that took up line firefighters’ time and provided them no tangible benefits, now yields real results every day. Field personnel can use pre-plans to improve decision-making.

Making Better Decisions

From incident commanders, to company officers, to mutual aid agencies, everyone makes better decisions with access to the right information. Each role uses different information from the pre-plans according to their responsibilities during response.

Incident Commanders

Incident commanders bear responsibility for many critical decisions during an incident. Using a computer or mobile device, the IC can instantly access FlowMSP’s digital pre-incident plans by tapping on the dispatch notification for the incident.

The incident location and related pre-plan information pop up on the satellite map. This includes hydrant locations and hydrant data, so the IC can tell first-in companies where the best hydrants are. This helps with apparatus placement. Then, the IC can quickly scan for hazards.

On the digital pre-plan, the IC can see the Knox box location, gas and electrical shutoffs, alarm panel location, sprinkler room, and more, saving personnel from wasting time in search. Photos and notations within the pre-incident plan equip the IC to quickly direct field personnel where to go.

Company Officers

First-in company officers can also review the satellite map view display of hydrant locations and surrounding buildings to give engineers orders on where to stage the apparatus. While reviewing the pre-plan en route to the incident, the officer can choose the best hydrant to tag first.

Upon arrival, company officers can quickly glance at a floor plan or annotated aerial view of the structure before entering the building. By briefly viewing the plan, they have a fresh understanding of exactly where to go and where the hazards lie.

Mutual Aid and Auto Aid

Mutual aid and auto aid companies responding to the incident also benefit from instant access to digital pre-plans. Personnel can view pre-plans en route to the incident and visually reference details the incident commander points out via radio.

If mutual aid or auto aid is the first-in company, pre-plan access offers an even greater advantage. If the company is responding to an unfamiliar building outside of their own district, situational awareness from the pre-plan can prevent serious mistakes.

On-Scene Pre-Plans Are Possible

With FlowMSP’s digital pre-planning program, on-scene pre-plan availability is finally achievable. FlowMSP’s proven strategy for digital pre-plan creation equips departments to catch up on pre-planning and have a plan for every commercial structure.

In addition, unlimited users and unlimited devices means everyone on the roster has on-scene access to pre-plans. No matter who is on shift or what device they use, everyone can use FlowMSP. This makes pre-plans valuable for daily use, to keep everyone safe.

Get On-Scene Pre-Plans For Your Department

If you want on-scene pre-incident plan availability for your department, take a look at FlowMSP. This digital pre-planning solution will get your department set up with high-quality pre-plans, fast. Then, with instant access, you will have the best information on every call.