Arrow rightUser-Friendly Digital Pre-Plan Program

FlowMSP intentionally designed our digital pre-plan program to be user-friendly. From tech-savvy probies to “old-school” veteran firefighters, anyone can quickly and easily learn to use it. As a result, department-wide adoption of the FlowMSP program exceeds any other program on the market.

Create a Pre-Plan in 5 Minutes

Square Footage and Required Fire Flow

Because FlowMSP’s app auto-calculates roof square footage and required fire flow, firefighters can now create an NFPA 1620 pre-plan in just five minutes. Instead of dragging a measuring wheel around the structure and figuring math equations, simply trace the outline of the building in the app.

Building and Occupancy Data

Drop down menu options for building data make it easy to quickly enter information. As firefighters complete a 360 walk-around, they can use the FlowMSP mobile app to record all critical building and occupancy information.

In addition, field personnel can easily enter building owner contact information and hours of operation. This information is immediately available to everyone on the roster during incident response.

Building Photos and Annotations

Field personnel also can easily add building photos and annotations to their pre-plans. As they complete the 360 size-up and building walkthrough, adding photos of hazards, Knox box locations, and other critical information provides situational awareness for first responders.

User-Friendly Digital Pre-Plan Program in Action

In this real-time pre-plan creation test, firefighter James demonstrates how to pre-plan an entire structure in five minutes using the FlowMSP mobile app. When the video ends, James has a complete NFPA 1620 pre-plan for this tire shop.

Watch this firefighter pre-plan a tire shop in 5 minutes.

Because the pre-plans can be created so quickly, field personnel can easily finish each pre-plan assignment between calls. By deploying teams of field personnel to complete the pre-plans, departments can finally catch up on pre-plans and accomplish their goals.

Start Meeting Your Pre-Planning Goals

FlowMSP can help your department start meeting your pre-planning goals. Whether you need better tools, help with strategy, ways to use your existing data, or all of the above, FlowMSP can help you move forward. Request a web demo to learn more.