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The Team on Map feature for FlowMSP’s fire operations and pre-incident planning mobile app helps departments manage resources more effectively. This feature lets members know who is responding to an incident and where they are. Know you are not responding alone, plan tactical assignments ahead of time, and keep track of who is on scene.

Receiving Messages and Indicating Response

FlowMSP is tied to each department’s Computer-Aided Dispatch system. As a result, field personnel gain easy access to incident-related information via dispatch notifications.

To start, when Dispatch releases an incident alert, each member taps the push notification.

Then, he or she enters FlowMSP and indicates response status: Respond, Watch, or Cancel.

Other response status options “Arrived” and “Complete” give responders manual control to share when they arrive on scene, or when the incident response is complete.

I Am Responding

When someone indicates a “Respond” status, Team on Map automatically starts tracking their location.

FlowMSP alerts other responders to their response status, location, and estimated time of arrival.

Tap the “Show on map” button to enter the FlowMSP Team on Map view and see all responders’ locations.

I Am Watching

Alternately, when someone indicates a “Watch” status, FlowMSP does not track their location or display it on the map. However, the member still receives response status updates for that incident. They can also view responders’ locations in the Team on Map view.

See Who Is Responding

Team on Map allows members to see who is responding via a “Team on Map” view of the map within FlowMSP’s mobile app.

Each responder displays as a moving pin icon as they travel toward the incident location.

Team on Map Indicates Arrival

When each responder travels within a 50-meter radius of the incident location’s GPS latitude/longitude, Team on Map automatically registers their response status as “Arrived.”

In addition, FlowMSP pushes out an automated response status update to all members who are “Responding” to or “Watching” that incident.

Incident Logs

Team on Map automatically records a log of each incident’s response history. This information provides a reference for on-scene head count and post-incident reporting.

From the log view, department administrators see what time the incident notification occurred, each member’s name, and the response status they indicated.

Marking Response as Complete

Finally, the Team on Map experience ends for all members once the response is marked “Complete.”

A member can manually mark the response as “Complete” for all personnel once the responders have arrived.

Alternately, the response status will automatically shift to “Complete” an hour after the incident’s initial dispatch notification.

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