Arrow rightProtecting Our Community Using Modern Technology

North Lauderdale Fire Rescue is currently protecting our community using modern technology for pre-incident planning. Have you recently noticed firefighters walking through local businesses, taking photos and making notes on mobile devices?

Your local fire department is collecting building and occupancy data to increase our ability to protect lives and property. Using the pre-incident planning program FlowMSP, our members can quickly and easily collect key information without disrupting local business operations.

modern technology for firefighters

Protecting Our Community

The purpose of the data we collect is to protect our community using modern technology in the event of an emergency. With this app first responders can instantly access the pre-plans for local buildings when an emergency occurs. As a result, your fire department can respond faster and make the best possible decisions every day.

We appreciate the community’s support of the fire department and your partnership in collecting this data to keep our community safe.