FlowMSP Strategy & Training Videos

The following walks users through the key functionality of the FlowMSP web and mobile applications.
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Welcome to: Strategy & Training
FlowMSP’s CEO, Jason Marvel, reviews the components of Strategy & Training and how to quickly establish foundational NFPA 1620 preplans for your entire district

Web Application Overview
Learn the basic functionality of the FlowMSP web application, and how to navigate features

Web App Preplanning: Footprints and Building Data
Your preplan program is only as good as the data you put into it. This video teaches the basics of creating a preplan in the web application, including the addition of building data

Web App Preplanning: Images and Annotations
Images and annotations provide firefighters with instant access to key-size up information understandable at a glance

Hydrant Management
Knowing the location of required water sources is necessary for an effective attack plan. See how FlowMSP can automatically connects your properties to hydrants based on required flows.

The Dashboard: Program Management
The Dashboard is your hub for preplan program management, seeing preplan completion percentages, and prioritizing what properties need to be assigned.

The Dashboard: Creating and Completing Assignments
The Dashboard gives department members the power to create and complete assignments, ensuring accountability for results and a best-in-class preplan program.

Mobile Application Overview
Firefighting takes place in the field, and so should preplanning. Add and complete preplans on-location in as little as five minutes.

Using FlowMSP in Response (Web & Mobile)
See how FlowMSP sends incident alerts to users and provides one-click access to preplans, directions, ETA, and response statuses, allowing first responders to arrive on-scene prepared and informed.

Dispatch by Unit (Mobile)
See how you can limit your dispatch push notifications on your mobile device by using Dispatch by Unit

Additional Video Resources

The following videos cover floor plan creation and strategies for preplanning unique structures such as residential mansions, college campuses, large shipping hubs, and more..

Adding Google Maps Floor Plans to a Pre-Plan | FlowMSP
Pre-Planning Academy | Add a Floor Plan | Desktop
FlowMSP Pre-Planning Academy | Add a Floor Plan | Mobile
Draw a Floor Plan | Microsoft Paint
Pre-Planning Academy | Annotate a Floor Plan | Desktop
Pre-Incident Planning University Campus Hazards | FlowMSP
McMansion Pre-Planning for Large Residential Structures
My Weirdest Pre-Plan: Million Square Foot Shipping Hub
Pre-Planning Academy | One Building, Multiple Addresses, Basic | Mobile | Part 1
Pre-Planning Academy | One Building, Multiple Addresses, Basic | Mobile | Part 2
Pre-Planning Academy | One Building, Multiple Addresses, Basic | Mobile | Part 3
One Address, Multiple Buildings | FlowMSP