Arrow rightFire Engineers Avoid Blocked Railroad Crossings During Response

FlowMSP and Kroy Railway Group are pioneering fire operations technology that allows fire engineers to avoid blocked railroad crossings during response. At West Chicago Fire Department, personnel now receive train activity information on every call where a train is in play.

Because FlowMSP ties to the department’s computer-aided dispatch system, FlowMSP CAD notes for incidents in West Chicago now contain Kroy Railroad Group train information. As a result, fire engineers can plan response routes to avoid busy railroad crossings and save time.

Detecting a Train With Lidar Sensors

Kroy Railway Group Lidar Sensor

FlowMSP partnered with Kroy Railway Group to build an API for train information. This bridge between programs calls up stored train data collected by Kroy’s lidar sensors.

First, when a train approaches West Chicago and passes across the lidar sensor’s path, the sensor registers that a train is approaching.

Next, Kroy’s program calculates the estimated time of arrival for each subsequent intersection on that track and stores the information.

Finally, when the last car of the train clears the lidar sensor, Kroy’s program estimates the train clearing time for each intersection. It also stores that information so that FlowMSP’s API can access it as needed for response.

Avoiding Blocked Railroad Crossings

Avoid blocked railroad crossings with train information from CAD

When an incident occurs and CAD pushes out a notification, FlowMSP’s program calls up all available train information from Kroy and adds it to the CAD notes in a single push.

Train data delivered through CAD notes alerts responders to the presence of a train. As a result, fire engineers can avoid railroad crossings when trains are present.

The ultimate outcome? Shorter response times and increased efficiency for field personnel.

The Future of Railroad Crossing Technology

FlowMSP and Kroy Railway Group explore the future of railroad crossing technology with this project. The technology West Chicago Fire District now uses will lay the foundation for a rapidly expanding network of lidar sensors.

As we refine this technology and receive feedback, FlowMSP and Kroy Railway Group envision a future where fire engineers automatically avoid blocked railroad crossings, every time.

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