Who puts the data into the platform?

We hear this question often and for good reason. Fire departments always need to be keenly aware of what their manpower is doing; often because there isn’t enough to go around!

We will separate this answer into four parts: dispatch, hydrants, users and structures.

Typically, the only thing we need from a new customer to configure their dispatch feed is the name and number for a good point of contact at their dispatch center.

From their, our implementation specialists will coordinate with the center to begin receiving CAD messages, creating the parser to interpret them, and funneling them into your FlowMSP instance.

During implementation, our specialists will request a roster of all the personnel that need accounts. Typically, this roster is composed of first name, last name and email address. We handle the rest.

The answer is two parts: sourcing the data and uploading the data.

When it comes to sourcing the data, each department faces unique challenges. Typically, this hydrant data is maintained by the local water utility and may be available upon request. If at all possible, we will make these requests on behalf of the fire department to ensure the data is good and the department isn't off on a wild goose chase.

Once the data is sourced, we will handle the upload and checking of all the hydrants that appear on your map.

Except in EXTREME circumstances, fire departments will never be out manually entering their fire hydrants into the platform.

This answer can be subdivided into two parts: Departments that want to start with a clean slate and departments that want to take advantage of our auto-planning capabilities.

  • From Scratch - If a department wants to manually pre-plan all their structures from scratch, that is certainly an option.

  • Auto-Planning - Departments that are looking for a jump-start on their planning can take advantage of our auto-planning feature. This service comes at no additional charge and typically takes a very short period of time to accomplish. With just a postal code and response district limits, our developers can create basic plans for every single structure within the selected area.

Read more about auto-planning here...

Auto-Planning Feature

FlowMSP is the first, and only, pre-incident planning platform that offers the direct capability to create basic plans for every single structure in a jurisdiction.

The Questions

We can positively assure you that this is real. We have many customers in the field using plans that we created for them.

At present, the largest jurisdiction we have auto-planned was approximately 10,000 structures.

To create these plans, we leverage a proprietary combination of image recognition, address databases, structure databases and algorithmic computing.

Each structure we plan contains the following:

  • Structure address
  • Square footage
  • Required Fire Flow (National Fire Academy Formula)
  • Automatic Link to the Nearest Hydrants to Exceed Required Fire Flow

These plans are placed into the platform, directly over the real-world location of the structure (within the satellite maps).

In other words, we create a plan that automatically assigns the structure location and address, and we do the necessary calculations to automatically select the nearest hydrants (and these hydrants are highlighted in the platform.)

It would certainly seem that way, unless you recognize the information this plan provides.

If we automatically plan an entire jurisdiction, and put these plans in the hands of the customer after linking up their dispatch feed and plotting their hydrants, then they can begin using the platform the moment they turn it on.

Realistically, the moment after they field their instance, a call can be received and a single click on the message will instantly display the automatic preplan.

At that moment, the user will see an overhead satellite image of the structure, potential hazards, set back issues, and location inside the jurisdiction, as well as all the assigned hydrants and nearby hydrants.

For incident commanders, this information is priceless.

What is Your Data Security Like?

All of our servers, pipelines and portals operate under Secure Socket Layers (SSL), which is an internet encryption standard that is universal across the net (any website who’s address includes HTTPS://) This is the same encryption standards present in online banking and web-stores.

What Happens if I Lose Connectivity/Service?

As FlowMSP is a cloud-based platform, this is a very good question!

The moment a user accesses a pre-incident plan, that plan is automatically cached to the device that accessed it. As long as the device stays powered up, and the browser/app stays open, the information will remain available. Even with zero service.

How Much Does This Cost?

FlowMSP pricing operates on a sliding scale based on the size of a particular fire department. By size, we mean using a department as a scale to determine the size of the jurisdiction they protect.

That said, we do not charge based on users, multiple licenses, or separate modules. Our first year cost encompasses a single department license, and the cost of implementation. Any year thereafter is only charged the cost of the single license.

The price we quote is the ONLY price you will pay. There are no upcharges, additional features at cost, or device or user upcharge. We recognize that fire departments are agencies with budgets, and changing those budget items at will can present difficulties.

What About the Pre-Plans We've Already Done?

Bring them with!

In all seriousness, we would never want to force a department to replicate work that has already been performed. We can take paper preplans and load them as PDFs right into the structure plan inside the platform. Accessing the digital plan will also allow a user to see the pre-existing paper plan.

Digital plans do not present a difficulty either. We manage these on a case-by-case basis, but will make every effort to absorb existing digital plans into the platform so that users can access them. We are so committed to helping departments retain their data, that our developers have custom-engineered software solutions to extract information and transfer it to FlowMSP.

Any other building or response information can be loaded into FlowMSP in a similar fashion. Floorplans, pictures, response cards, MSDS sheets, ERG pages, etc. can all be loaded without an issue and accessible as if you created them in the platform.

I Already Have Records Management System (RMS) Data

Just like existing preplans and information, we can also transfer RMS data from popular fire department platforms.

Our committment to RMS data extends to taking every effort possible to make sure you can retain your data.

Contact us today and we will discuss the transfer process.

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