New Year, New Pre-Plan Data

By: Joylyn Ortiz


One of the biggest complaints firefighters make about pre-incident plans is that the data is old and dirty. The start of a new year calls for new pre-plan data to replace outdated records. Equip your department for success with quality data this year.

New Data for Buildings

Accurate building data keeps your field personnel safe and impacts successful incident mitigation. As you clean up your building data, first look at the pre-plans that will help your responders the most. With the FlowMSP mobile app, you can easily add building data in the field.

Next, consider which structures have been remodeled this year, and put those at the top of your list to update. Have any new structures been built recently? Get out there and pre-plan them. Every commercial structure should have a pre-plan with up-to-date building data.

New Data for Contact Information

The second thing field personnel need is accurate contact information for each building. This year, add names and phone numbers for your contacts, and update your pre-plans as needed. Many FlowMSP customers say that quick access to correct contact information is one of the most valuable parts of their pre-plans.

New Photos of Hazards

Chemical Storage

Do your pre-plans contain up-to-date photos of hazards? If not, easily add photos with the FlowMSP mobile app as you complete a walkthrough of each building. Including this information in pre-plans equips incident commanders with the best information to keep firefighters safe.

New Data for ISO

Is your department preparing for an Insurance Services Office (ISO) evaluation? During the evaluation, ISO will check your pre-plan records to see when you updated them. Because FlowMSP tracks when you last updated each pre-plan, you can show those records during your evaluation.

Efficiently Collect New Pre-Plan Data

Light Duty Personnel

The first way to efficiently collect new pre-plan data is to use any personnel who are on light duty. A department member on light duty could sit at a computer, call businesses, and quickly update these records. In addition, using the FlowMSP desktop app, they can capture aerial view screenshots, street view photos, and more.

All Field Personnel

Alternately, you can send all field personnel to visit these buildings and verify information. Not only do pre-plans get done this way, but members also gain situational awareness by walking through the buildings. Personnel can quickly and easily update the information via the FlowMSP mobile app.

In this short training video, FlowMSP customer Lt. Antonio Stefanelli instructs his department’s field personnel on how to update their pre-plans this year. This example shows how easily a pre-plan program coordinator can deploy field personnel to assist in data collection.

Request a Demo

Finally, if you need clean pre-plan data and want to make a change this year, request a web demo. A member of the FlowMSP team will answer your questions and walk you through it. Plus, we can discuss strategy that will help your department finally catch up on pre-plans.