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FlowMSP Pre Fire Plan Software - Leveraging Building Data for a Smart Response in the 21st Century

Our Roots

FlowMSP was born the day CEO Jason Marvel accompanied Streator IL Fire Chief Bird while he gathered the information for a pre fire plan of a neighborhood building. After two and a half hours of information gathering, Jason knew a better solution had to exist. And if it didn’t he was going to create it.

Creating FlowMSP - Pre Fire Plan Software for Today's Fire Service

That spark of realization was all it took for Jason to assemble a team of developers to create the first generation of FlowMSP. Originally designed to be used with Drone images, the foundation of FlowMSP was an easy-to-use interface that gave firefighters the most critical response information needed at that moment, while requiring the least amount of interaction to get it. 

Firefighters have very little time to gather information from any place while responding to, and fighting, a fire. If FlowMSP can deliver the information in a way that incident commanders can take it in, and use it, in mere seconds, than the platform will be useful. 

FlowMSP Today

Today, years after that first spark, FlowMSP carries the basic tenets of ease-of-use and speed into a fully-developed cloud platform that allows firefighters to preplan structures in less than a minute, with annotated photos, fire flow rates, hydrants, and all the building data required by NFPA 1620, all overlaid on Google Maps Satellite imagery.

Firefighters and Incident Commanders can now view structures, roads, hydrants, preplans, and mutual aid data, all from any connected mobile device. With FlowMSP, Incident Commanders are making more well-informed decisions and company officers are starting the first steps of initial preplans when they arrive on scene. Every response asset is on the same page and following the same plan, while viewing the same building data.

FlowMSP is currently in-use at fire departments spanning five states, and is a critical part of their response protocols. To date, the platform has been used to run working warehouse fires, room and content fires, hazmat calls and activated alarms. The platform has also been part of multiple ISO audits, where it received high praise from inspectors. After adopting FlowMSP, two customers were awarded ISO Class I ratings, in part because of the extensive capabilities offered by the platform.

Finally, our team now includes dedicated developers, implementation specialists, territory sales people and content managers. FlowMSP is a fully staffed, fully capable, service company and we firmly stand behind the concept of providing the best possible source of critical information to firefighters when they need it most.

“We purchased Flow with the idea of improving our ISO score. We have found the product offers even more. FlowMSP has fast and easy access pre-plan information in the field, and the ability to share and view pre-plans from other departments in the area. We have tried other products in the past, but FlowMSP is the easiest to learn, the fastest to use, and the most impactful in the field.”
Chief Mike Hansen
Lincolnwood Fire Dept

Our Leadership

Jason Marvel - CEO

Jason Marvel - CEO

Jason is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flow. His past experience working with multiple startup companies and deep experience as a sales leader in many software companies affords him the strategic vision necessary to lead FlowMSP into its next phase of growth. Jason is responsible for developing our sales and implementation plans, executing on Flow’s vision, and is currently working directly with our Board of Directors to build out a fruitful customer success strategy to enhance usage and retention. Jason’s commitment to data driven decision making, building long lasting customer relationships, and determination to build a product that keeps firefighters safe and effective makes him the right leader for the job.

Prior to Flow, Jason lead large sales divisions for companies like LexisNexis and Choicepoint. He received his Bachelor of Science from Bradley University and has an MBA from Loyola University.

Sean Chaudhari - CFO

Sean Chaudhari - CFO

Sean worked as a Strategy & Business Development Analyst at Fortune Brands Home & Security, a consumer home products company in Deerfield, IL. While there, he assisted in evaluating organic and inorganic growth opportunities through market research, data analytics, and business case modeling. He began his career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Raymond James in the Financial Institutions Group where he advised clients on a number of M&A transactions and equity offerings across the various sub-sectors. Sean received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Northwestern University. Outside of the office, you can find him playing pick-up basketball, running along the lakefront, or traveling to new countries.

FlowMSP deeply respects the privacy and professional standing of its customers. We will not share, reveal or sell your information for any reason.
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We Recognize That Firefighters are Masters of Their Craft, and FlowMSP is Not Trying to Change that. We Just Want You to Have More Information When Making Decisions.

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