Execute Fire Attacks with Confidence, Safety, and Effectiveness with Pre Incident Planning

As an industry-leader in Fire Department Pre Incident Planning software, FlowMSP helps firefighters effortlessly collect and use building data for effective firefighting efforts.


FlowMSP was born from the realization that the fire service had no truly effective means of easily capturing, storing, managing, and using incident pre-plan data. Because of this, pre incident planning often fell to the backdrop of firefighter activities, or was simply never done. 

Until now, the fire service lacked a central place to unify all pre incident planning data that was both easily accesible with minimal effort, and exceptionally simple to operate.   

The Limitations of Traditional Pre Incident Planning:

  • Paper:
    Existing pre incident plans are usually stuck in a binder or folder, limiting access and increasing the amount of time it takes to deploy a pre-plan at an incident. 
  • ISO:
    Without well-developed pre incident plans, ISO rates can suffer, leading to increased fire insurance costs for businesses and residents within the fire departments response jurisdiction.
  • CAD:
    CAD systems can be an information lifeline during an incident but these systems rarely integrate natively with an incident pre-plan
  • Out-dated Pre-plan:
    Buildings change, new construction occurs or infrastructure is upgraded. Paper pre-plans cannot change without starting over. NFPA 1620, the Standard for Pre Incident Planning, recommends updating each pre incident plan once a year.
  • Time to collect data:
    Paper pre-planning processes can take up to 3 hours, while call volume, training requirements and secondary duties increase. Without time, pre incident planning routinely gets downgraded in priority. 
  • Scene data availability:
    If pre incident plans cannot be accessed and interpreted quickly, their usefullness on the fireground decreases dramatically. Information that takes many steps to attain may as well not exist. 
  • Shrinking department resources:
    Lack of manpower to perform lengthy pre-plans limits your planning

Sharing Pre Incident Planning Data During Mutual Aid Response

FlowMSP was designed for firefighters with firefighter input. 

With Mutual Aid Data Sharing (MADS), data can now be shared between communities, which is necessary for mutual aid situations. Mutual pre incident planning data captured and shared by multiple departments lowers the risk to firefighter injury and increases the operational efficiency for responding units outside their service areas.




  • Deploy intelligence throughout the emergency that saves lives
  • Increase your knowledge of the structure, utilities, hazardous materials, & critical community information
  • Understand instantly where water calculations based on location of hydrants and size of structure
  • Protect your firefighters by providing instant, accurate intelligence
  • Respond to emergencies more efficiently and with better data


  • Reduce the time it takes to pre-plan by 75%
  • Gain access to FlowMSP technology which calculates flow data
  • Use drone images that are more accurate, up-to-date, & useful
  • Decrease ISO ratings with up-to-date pre-plans
  • Train with accurate, quality intelligence

4 Easy Steps to Effective Pre Incident Planning with FlowMSP

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Proud to Serve These Departments

The Platform enabled the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District personnel to quickly and efficiently collect important data, ensuring our firefighters and citizens have a safer outcome.  Through a cooperative agreement we can now share this data with responding personnel from the Kankakee City Fire Department. Chief Ed St. Louis

Bourbonnais Fire Protection District

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