The Flowmsp

Despite the enormous benefits for firefighters and the public, there were substantial obstacles that prevented the full completion of prefire planning.

We realized That Needed to Change.

Remove the Obstacles - Find Success

With increasing call volume, decreasing manpower, and continuously increasing yearly training requirements, fire departments have a time problem.

Every minute needs to count for more.

We have combined data sources, extremely straight-forward form inputs and algorithmic computing to help you create detailed prefire plans in less than 10 minutes. 

Or we can create basic prefire plans for your entire response jurisdiction in just a few minutes with our auto-planning feature. 

Less Time Planning.
More Time Training and Responding.

Reality: if you can't access your prefire plans in 10 seconds or less, you won't use them at the most critical points of an incident.

In order to make prefire plans a staple in the fire service response, accessing those plans has to fit within the speed of a fire department response.

FlowMSP comes equipped with CAD message integration. When a department is dispatched, the CAD message automatically appears. A simple click of the message instantly accesses the prefire plan for that location. 

Once accessed, FlowMSP prefire plans and image-based display provide total situational awareness for incident commanders, mutual aid departments and outside agencies.

No searching for addresses.
No thumbing through binders.

Instant Access. Instant Understanding.

You have a challenge, we have a solution.

Looking to Improve Your ISO Rating?

We have multiple customers who have achieved ISO Class 1 Ratings while using FlowMSP.

FlowMSP is fully committed to breaking down any barriers between fire departments and detailed prefire plans for their entire response jurisdiction. 

That reality is completely achievable and we’ll get you there.

  • We provide personalized training for your department on using FlowMSP.
  • We provide plans, consultations and extensive experience on aligning department goals and FlowMSP capabilities.
  • Do you need SOPs/SOGs around digital prefire planning? We do that too. 
  • Existing data? Dispatch issues? Software concerns? Infrastructure questions? We have solved many issues that were preventing fire departments from prefire planning success. In many cases, we custom-engineered a solution for a specific problem and it did not cost the department anything extra.

Looking to Improve Your ISO Rating?

We have multiple customers who have achieved ISO Class 1 Ratings while using FlowMSP.

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