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The incredible value of detailed plans at the cost of a few minutes

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Explore FlowMSP on Your Terms, in Your Jurisdiction, With Our Free Self-Guided Demo

No Sales Pitch, No Scheduling Conflicts

You are free to explore the platform as much, or as little, as you want from the comfort of your home or office without a sales pitch peppering you with questions.

Full Features at Your Disposal

Feel free to add hydrants and create plans in your jurisdiction. All data added to this trial account will be carried over to your full account without losing anything.

Experience Dispatch Notifications

The true potential of FlowMSP is instant access to preplans upon dispatch notification. You won't have to imagine how that works either; your demo will receive pre-configured dispatches in real time. 

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pre incident planning software displayed on multiple mobile devices
"We decided to use Flow after using paper preplan books for years as well as our current inspection platform that did not offer the features we have with Flow msp. Having the ability to quickly pull up hydrant and building data with detailed photographs immediately on scene is what preplanning is all about, Flow lets us do that."
Chief Tom Pour
Belleville FD
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In Order to Make the Most of Your Experience, Please Review the Following

Connected Mobile Device Experience

Check Your Email

Once you submitted your information, our automated system generated your log-in credentials, which will be sent to the email address you provided. 

Download the App

Visit the Google Play Store/Apple App Store on your connected mobile device and search for 'FlowMSP'.

Or, using the links below, download the app to your device.

Plus mobile device

Watch the Videos

Plus mobile device
IMG_2822 (2)

In the upper left-hand corner (at the red arrow) is the App Menu. This menu will contain most of the actionable items in the app.

Inside the Menu
Among the other icons in the menu, special attention should be paid to the 'Dispatch' and 'On duty' items.

Clicking 'Dispatch' will open the dispatch feed screen. This feed comes directly from a dispatch center's CAD messaging platform.

The On Duty toggle controls the notification setting of the FlowMSP app. Turn this option on to see how FlowMSP alerts firefighters to a new call.
Plus mobile device
Plus mobile device
The Dispatch Feed
This feed is populated by CAD messages received from your dispatch center. In the case of this demo, we have 'pre-populated' this feed with calls that demonstrate the capabilities of FlowMSP.

Tapping any call will automatically access that preplan and location.

Use this feed to navigate throughout your demo jurisdiction.
Viewing a Preplan

This screen will display after tapping a dispatch in the dispatch feed, or after using the map to locate an existing preplan.  

Plus mobile device

Desktop Experience

FlowMSP was designed to work from any desktop computer browser, with no software to install or permissions required.
Check Your Email

Once you submitted your information, our automated system generated your log-in credentials. Once verified, these credentials which will be sent to the email address you provided. 

Log In
In any web browser, navigate to or return to the FlowMSP home page and click 'Login' in the upper right.

Log-in using the credentials provided in the welcome email.
Your Login Credentials Will Work in Any FlowMSP Login Portal
First Impressions

After logging in, you will be greeted by the map screen.

On the Left side of the screen you can choose between Map or Satellite views, and the search bar allows a user to search any location by name, address, street or intersection.


Right Side Bar

The Right side of the screen contains a majority of the information tabs.

Using the tabs across the top of the right side-bar, users can view location and building data information, along with incoming dispatch notifications.

Plus desktop device
The Dispatch Tab
The Dispatch Tab will be your most valuable tool during this demo.

Using the dispatch tab, select from a number of pre-populated 'calls' we have placed in your demo. Each call will contain a preplan that highlights valuable features we offer.
The self-guided demo is completely free and requires no payment information. Simply fill out the form and our automated system will create your demo in minutes.
  • *Your demo login credentials will be emailed to the address you provide.
After submission, our automated system will create your account and you will receive your credentials via the email provided above.
FlowMSP deeply respects the privacy and professional standing of its customers. We will not share, reveal or sell your information for any reason.