Fire Scenes are Complex and Demanding

Your Fire Department Pre Plan Software Shouldn't Be

Speed of Planning

Speed of Access

Automated Data

Fire Department Pre Plan Software That Does the Heavy Lifting For You

During the process of creating a prefire plan, the platform utilizes a series of algorithms that work behind the scenes to automatically determine and populate:


Automatic Prefire Plan Creation:

In order to ensure our customers begin seeing value the moment they start using FlowMSP, we have pioneered a method of creating basic preplans for every single building in a customer’s jurisdiction. 

These plans include:

  • Structure Address
  • Square Footage
  • Fire Flow
  • Hydrant Link

Dispatch Link

CAD Messaging - Prefire Plans Accessed Upon Dispatch

The most critical aspect of pre-plan information is rapidly accessing it during the course of an emergency response. To ensure the most rapid access possible, FlowMSP can receive messaging from most CAD dispatching platforms.

Upon receiving a CAD message, the platform will extract the address of the incident and provide a button that instantly displays the plan associated with that address.

This process means single-click access to preplan information, overhead satellite imagery and nearby hydrants.


Hydrant Display

All Hydrants Displayed on Maps in NFPA Volume Colors

Unfamiliar area? Snow covered roads? Darkness?

Never miss another hydrant again.

A key tenet at FlowMSP is giving Incident Commanders all the information they may need to execute their fire attack plans. That includes water supply.

We display all your hydrants directly on the satellite image of your jurisdiction, in the NFPA color-codes for volume. 

Now, Incident Commanders can determine, at a glance, where the nearest hydrant is. Or the nearest high-volume hydrant. 


Annotated Images

Image-Based Notations, Labels, Placards, and Drawing Tools

Research has shown that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text!

To leverage this speed, FlowMSP is built around the ability to add photos to a preplan (from any connected mobile device) and then annotate those photos with critical information.

Incident commanders and company officers need only glance at the platform and they can begin interpreting critical information. 

Ultimately, this means information is absorbed by the brain far faster than written pre-plans, building descriptions, or data sheets.

Data Sharing

Mutual Aid Partners can Share Prefire Planning and Hydrant Data

They See What You See

At one point or another, any given department will both request mutual aid from surrounding departments, as well as be mutual aid for a neighboring department.

Unfortunately, most departments do not know their neighboring jurisdictions as well as their own. 

That fact does not mean the mutual aid department will be provided with more time to get their bearings, hunt down a hydrant, or take a tour. Mutual aid needs to be as fast as the host department.

What better way to ensure your mutual aid is prepared than to share all your knowledge with them directly?

pre fire planning software in use for addison fpd
In this in-platform screenshot, Addison FPD preplans and hydrants can be seen on the left, and Itasca preplans and hydrants on the right.
In this in-platform screenshot, Addison FPD preplans and hydrants can be seen on the left, and Itasca preplans and hydrants on the right.

FlowMSP natively allows neighboring departments to share information with each other, meaning mutual aid appartus can locate hydrants and view preplans while responding to unfamiliar areas.


Generate Reports To Keep Track of Preplan Software Successes

Administrators of FlowMSP accounts can rapidly generate reports showing which pre-plans are out of date or are not complete.

Reports can also be generated detailing structures that share certain characteristics, such as structures with truss roofs, or buildings that lack sprinklers.

RMS Data

Do You Have Existing Prefire Plans? Existing Information in Another Records Management System (RMS)

We believe that fire departments should not have to abandon information previously gathered in another platform, or even manually. 

If you have previous digital records, paper preplans, floor plans, MSDS sheets, or any other incident response information, send it to us and we will upload it right into your account.

FlowMSP has been designed specifically to address the various requirements and demands of the fire service mission.

We Guarantee You Will Be Impressed.

“We purchased Flow with the idea of improving our ISO score. We have found the product offers even more. FlowMSP has fast and easy access pre-plan information in the field, and the ability to share and view pre-plans from other departments in the area. We have tried other products in the past, but FlowMSP is the easiest to learn, the fastest to use, and the most impactful in the field.”
pre incident planning customer lincolnwood fire dept patch
Chief Mike Hansen
Lincolnwood Fire Dept.
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