Janesville firefighters are using two drones to survey 50 significant buildings in the city and provide vital information in the event of a response.

May 09 — JANESVILLE, WI — If you hear a high-pitched buzz around the city over the next few weeks, don’t worry; it’s likely just the Janesville Fire Department using their new drones to survey different structures.

The department has acquired two drones and partnered with Streater, Illinois, company FlowMSP to survey 50 significant buildings in the city. The work will give firefighters crucial information should they ever respond to fires at the buildings, Janesville Fire Marshal Sue North said.

“We have identified 50 buildings in Janesville that have concerns either through potential for large loss of life or a large building footprint where we want to put drones in the air as opposed to personnel,” North said.

“That’s our biggest target risk,” she said of the buildings.

North declined to identify any of the buildings, saying she first wants to notify building personnel of the department’s intent to survey the properties.

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