Train with the most accurate data and quality images.

Prepare more efficient response plans utilizing up-to-date information and crisp imagery.

Our Solutions Deliver Accurate, Actionable Pre-Plans


  • Offer advanced UAV systems to municipal organizations
  • Assist you through purchasing, registering, and flying your first professional drone
  • Explain why firefighters need dual thermal & HD cameras to keep them safe & effective
  • Showcase how drone technology reduces size-up time by 75%


Mutual Aid Data Sharing (MADS):

  • Share pre-plan data with other departments in real-time.
  • Sharing your preplans and hydrant information with other FlowMSP users is built into your account.

“When we get dispatched to a scene, any building that has the pre-plan information will interface automatically, and it will display on computer screens.”

Sue North

Fire Marshal, Janesville Fire Department

Lieutenant from Streator Fire Department Demos FlowMSP Technology

In this demo you will learn:

  • How Streator FD uses FlowMSP pre-planning software to gain efficiency in their size-ups and safety for their firefighters
  • How they create their pre-plans after capturing quality drone images and other data
  • How to use forms to easily enter information
  • How the software automatically formulates and calculates response intelligence
  • Where & when they access the information
  • What types of information & data the pre-plan identifies and distributes
  • How the software identifies hydrant locations automatically

Gain immediate access to accurate, actionable data!

What Prevents Your Department From Using Pre-Planning Software?

After dispatch, FlowMSP is only a single button click to view the pre-plan associated with that address.

Lack of pre-incident planning is the most consistent contributing factor in NIOSH LODD reports.

Most departments can field FlowMSP for less than the cost of a single set of turnout gear and one SCBA. 

FlowMSP can create an NFPA 1620 pre-plan in 10 seconds. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you!