STREATOR, Ill.Aug. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FlowMSP announces their digital transformation with both the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District and the Kankakee City Fire Department reaching  an agreement to share pre-planning data.

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Through the FlowMSP Pre-Planning Platform, both departments agreed to share the data collected from over 600 structures over the past 120 days. The departments are taking advantage of Flow’s streamlined approach to collecting data, which allows firefighters to pre-plan structures in under 6 minutes.

Pre-plan Fast. Respond Smarter.

By integrating a dispatch feed from the Kankakee County Communication System, KanComm, directly into the FlowMSP Pre-planning Platform, each department links the incident to the structures it pre-planned, thus creating a unified approach to collecting, sharing and displaying critical data.

Sharing Data Saves Lives, Increases Efficiency and Reduces Costs

All fire departments access shared services and mutual aid in order to serve communities more efficiently. When fire departments are called upon to serve communities they are unfamiliar with, they lack previous exposure or knowledge of the structure. These departments have no ability to access any information while en route to the call. Now, Kankakeeand Bourbonnais will begin sharing pre-planned data and information about the communities they serve while en route to the emergencies.

“We utilized the FlowMSP Pre-Planning Platform to improve our ISO rating for the city, but now with the ability to share our data with the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District, we can better protect our community,” explained, Chief Damon Schuldt of the Kankakee Fire Department.

FlowMSP CEO, Jason Marvel is excited to have two departments sharing data, “We now have departments across the country using Flow, but our truest functionality is realized when departments share data. These departments realized that and saw our vision. They are enhancing their emergency response and decision-making capabilities.”

“The Platform enabled the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District personnel to quickly and efficiently collect important data, ensuring our firefighters and citizens have a safer outcome.  Through a cooperative agreement we can now share this data with responding personnel from the Kankakee City Fire Department,” said Chief Ed St. Louis of BourbonnaisFire Protection District.

About FlowMSP

FlowMSP keeps firefighters safe and reduces community costs by decreasing the time and effort it takes to pre-plan, and by providing accurate, actionable intelligence at the moment firefighters need it.

Download Features Data sheet to learn how Flow uses UAV and automatic map integration technology, or any camera you have on hand, to optimize collecting and distributing the data and images used by every department to make crucial decisions around incidents.

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