How Kankakee Fire Department Pre-planned 200 Structures in Three Weeks to Increase ISO Ratings


Kankakee Fire Department was approaching their periodic ISO review and knew they needed to dramatically increase and update their commercial pre-plans in order to decrease ISO scores.


Pre-planned 200 structures in 3 weeks using FlowMSP technology


  • Gain automated resources that can integrate into the daily workflow
  • Produce actionable pre-plans quickly
  • Deploy pre-plans in real-time that deliver most pertinent information first, but make other information readily available
  • Increase ISO ratings for community

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What Prevents Your Department From Using Pre-Planning Software?

After dispatch, FlowMSP is only a single button click to view the pre-plan associated with that address.

Lack of pre-incident planning is the most consistent contributing factor in NIOSH LODD reports.

Most departments can field FlowMSP for less than the cost of a single set of turnout gear and one SCBA. 

FlowMSP can create an NFPA 1620 pre-plan in 10 seconds. Don’t believe us? We’ll show you!